Some #WednesdayWisdom on Herd Immunity.👇🏽 The summary: Large numbers of people would need to be infected to achieve herd immunity without a vaccine; this could overwhelm health care systems and lead to many complications/deaths. What Is Herd Immunity?
What Is #HerdImmunity? by via "Vaccination creates immunity without having to contract a disease. Herd immunity also protects those who are unable to be vaccinated, such as newborns & immunocompromised people..."
Patient Information: What Is Herd Immunity? via part of Easy to read!
Herd immunity occurs when a significant portion of a population becomes immune to an infectious disease, limiting further disease spread. As this article explains, it is best achieved through vaccination.
Patient Information: What Is Herd Immunity? . An excellent patient information page explaining the concept of herd immunity.