We support science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone 🗺️ shares our new vision and strategy, launching today ➡️
Wellcome's Director, writes that the strategy is underpinned by the "principles of equality, diversity and inclusion". 👉 Culture isn't an afterthought here, its a core part of what Wellcome wants to achieve as an organisation.
Short intro & overview of new Vision & Strategy from Priorities 👉#InfectiousDiseases 👉#GlobalHeating 👉#mentalhealth Principles 👉#Equity 👉#DiversityInclusion 👉Working across science, innovation, society
Targeted funds for infectious disease, mental health & health effects of global warming; simplified ERC-style schemes; & boost to interdisciplinary research. Much to applaud in strategy More by :
One of the world's largest health foundations has just made #climatechange - alongside infectious disease and #MentalHealthForAll - core to its strategy. A bold and necessary move. Well done
. has a new strategy! Supporting science to solve the urgent health challenges of mental health 🧠, escalating infectious diseases🦠, and a warming planet 🌍 - all underpinned by discovery research 🧬 Read 's take on it here 👇🏾
This is just the start. Our new vision and strategy lay the foundations for our work for the next 25 years. “I hope you will join us as we embark on our most ambitious journey yet.” 💬
Wellcome’s bold ambitions to improve health through our new strategy | News | Wellcome. Proud to be supported by ⁦⁩. It’s been wonderful working w/ them on the #COVID19response in #Siaya. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁦
More on new strategy in this piece by We still ♥️ discovery science but we want to make a more focused effort to improve the lives of people affected by infectious disease, mental ill-health & global heating.
excited to see the new vision and strategy laid out by for - the future of science and health just got even brighter -
Congratulations to for their clear new vision and strategy to support science to solve the urgent health challenges facing everyone
Wellcome's bold ambitions to improve health through new strategy
'This is support for science that goes beyond funding, beyond what Wellcome could achieve in the past. It’s support that challenges and enables science to have real impact in the world.'