Last blog post of the night: Pending mail count, Dems lost ground in Washoe and Clark again, are not on track to have the kind of lead they did in 2016 going into Election Day. But three days left and mail until Tuesday. More tomorrow...
"If you want to know why the GOP sued in Clark over mail ballots: The Dems lead 108,000 to 38,000."
Here's a brief update on these new numbers as we wait for Washoe and Clark in-person numbers from today: Almost twice as many people have cast ballots in Clark than at the same time in '16.
“Trump is losing Nevada right now by double digits or close to it unless something very weird is happening.” Always read ⁦
I'm gonna do this a lot in the next two weeks, and it's not from , it's from me. Jon is losing sleep and busting his butt to get us these numbers. Consider a donation or supporting him at
New numbers on the early voting blog! Not much change in Dem lead statewide or in Clark with half the vote in (or more). Dems doing better than 2016, but a lot of time left and mail factor is still unknown in last 5 days.