If Dolezal and Krug eagerly took on oppression by proxy, they are indications of progress on race despite the setbacks. If being black really were the daily degradation we are often told, these two would have chosen other ways of performing their lives.
"Rachel Dolezal and Jessica Krug gave up their white privilege ... to live as the people we are told endure such endless misery, and to such a degree, that we are to think of oppression as the essence of black Americans." Always read .
Living In Blackface
"Dolezal and Krug gave up the white privilege that we are taught makes such a decisive difference," writes , "to live as the people we are told endure such endless misery ... as taught by primers such as Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility."
It's plainly obvious that it's not always beneficial to be a white person or exist in "white" cultures as opposed to alternatives
Fascinating post by at Persuasion about why white people try to "pass" as black. Great phrase: "oppression by proxy."
"What white academic wouldn’t almost wish they were black under those conditions...knowing deep down that for all but a very few black people, daily existence is nothing approaching the hellscape that certain performers pretend it is?"