It's dry. It's technical. But if you care about Covid-19 vaccines, you may want to tune in.
“The very convening of the meeting is a reassuring sign that the FDA, which relies on VRBPAC for advice, plans to do what it usually does: Make decisions based not on political timetables but on data that show whether new vaccines are safe and effective.”
Speaking as a veteran of the FDA's vaccine advisory committee meetings--who, ahem, often struggles to stay awake--it's telling that and others are doing stories about the upcoming meeting before it has even happened.
You've probably never heard of VRBPAC. But this advisory panel's role in the approval process for #Covid19 vaccines is critical. And the fact it will review the vaccines is important evidence of who is (and who isn't) driving the approvals train.
Tomorrow #COVID19 #vaccine info will be considered for the first time by the vaccine advisory committee to the . Event info and materials: Great info as always from :
When writes about seemingly dry advisory committee meetings, you should pay attention.
Why this week’s meeting of an advisory panel on Covid-19 vaccines matters via