Research shows that hearing from a friend is ten times more effective in getting people to vote than receiving a text or call from a stranger. Be sure to #TalkTheVote with a friend or family member this week. Click here for tips
Talking about voting is 10-12x more effective when it comes from someone you know. Even more so than a phone call from a stranger. Even more so than a tweet from a celebrity (listen, I see the irony). #TalkTheVote. Resources here:
The easiest way to volunteer this election to talk to your family and friends about why you're voting. #TalkTheVote. Have these democracy saving conversations. Then let me know how it goes. I want to know!!
Incredible thread. Know that you can start these conversations. Share what you know with others. Make sure they know where to vote, what’s on their ballot, and when to return it. Let’s #TalkTheVote together:
Research shows that hearing from a friend is 10x more impactful in getting people to vote than hearing from a stranger. If it's all the volunteering you do this election, pick 5 friends or family members and #TalkTheVote. Here's how to get started
You’re voting. I’m voting. Your momma is voting. But you gotta make sure your friends and family members vote too! #TalkTheVote #BidenHarris2020 Get the conversation started
Talking to friends and family about voting can be awkward, but it's so important — and it is 10 times more effective at persuading someone to vote than texts or calls from strangers. Thank God someone made a how-to guide
Have these convos with the people in your life. #TalkTheVote with them because they’re going to listen more to you than they are to the news, canvassing, or social media. You have the power here.
Conversations may feel more challenging than ever right now, but there is one topic we should be able to agree upon, and that is the importance of voting. Learn more about how to #TalkTheVote here