Rudy: Even if the Hunter laptop story is bogus, Americans ‘are entitled to know it’
One upshot of impeachment, I think, is that it inoculated a lot of folks to whatever they were trying to do here.
Rudy Giuliani, Meet the Press, Aug. 19, 2018: “Truth isn’t truth.” Rudy Giuliani, on #HunterBidenlaptop stories, Oct. 20, 2020: "Even if it isn’t accurate, the American people are entitled to know it.” via
So when they shout "fake news" at a story, they're really acknowledging that they want in on the action. Giuliani: Even if Hunter Laptop Story ‘Isn’t Accurate,’ Americans ‘Are Entitled to Know It’ via
Giuiluana, doing stand up, believes that we Americans have the right to be deceived, goddamn it!