"Infectious disease experts say that moving students around every few minutes is actually more likely to increase transmission of the virus, by exposing more people to an infected student."
Terrible idea—“Billings Public Schools came up w/ an idea that has public health experts shaking heads: Reshuffling students in classroom 4x/hour—based on the *OLD* definition of a “close contact” being within 6 feet of infected for =>15 minutes”. #COVID19
“That is not an evidence-based practice or sound scientific policy”
😱😱😱 Omg. This approach demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of viral transmission and contact tracing protocols. 🙄
And now Montana. With quotes like the ones below they're *begging* us to assign the stupid yokels narrative. I just don't believe it.
A prime example of our educators fundamentally missing the point. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. #smh