Senator Mitch McConnell told Republicans he has advised the White House against striking a stimulus deal with Democrats before the election.
First, Sen. McConnell decides to "pause". Then, he *laughs* at the people's suffering. Now, he's "against" providing the desperately needed relief. This is unacceptable; the people *need* action now.
Let's be very clear about this: Mitch McConnell and Republicans are continuing to block essential relief to Americans across our country. If Trump wants to "go big or go home," he better see if he can control his own party.
Maybe the most notable thing here is that McConnell told Senate Rs he knew his remarks would probably leak. It's about as public a way for him to throw cold water on what Trump wants as if he had come out and said it at the mics outside
McConnell privately told WH not to do a stimulus deal. Why, you ask? -he doesn't want to force vulnerable Rs to vote on a big spending bill -he doesn't want to slow Barrett confirm vote -he sees Trump's desperation and is throwing up him under the bus
despicable.. this is why every R senator needs lose
You know when you're competing with for queen of psychopaths of 2020, takes the cake. Let people suffer and die. For me. For my gratification. For my lust for power. This man is just the worst of the worst.
Can someone please explain to me what thinks he's accomplishing here?