Woke ideology has become increasingly powerful and intolerant. But can it be stopped? |
This review does a great job of connecting some dots around the failure of our universities.
. and thoroughly unmask the Social Justice religion in their new book |
This is a fantastic overview and explanation of so many ideological ills that currently plague society. Outstanding piece by
Critical Theory, referenced last night by in her fantastic speech, summarised here in my review of & ‘s new book, and with reference to
Good has abandoned empirical research - given that he doesn't know what a t-stat means, this is a wise move - in favour of performance art, such as getting to publish this parody. [or is it satire? Or just comedy?]
”Conservatives & traditional liberals naively expected the political correctness & speech codes of the 1990s to fade away. They wasted their energy on economics & foreign policy, neglected the culture & are now in danger of losing it altogether.” - UnHerd
How Cancel Culture captured the campus 🤐 "Woke ideology has become increasingly powerful and intolerant. But can it be stopped...?"
How Cancel Culture captured campus on the philosophical origins of Critical Theory
Gender studies, fat studies and queer studies traffic in ideology and faux-knowledge — not scientific accuracy |
"Reality doesn’t exist, only perception. But help is on the way, for we now have the cure for this problem: Critical Theory." |
. argues that a Big Brother state must control campuses in order to avoid "an Orwellian public culture". Really, you couldn't make it up.
"The new generation deepened their ideological grip by controlling recruitment" | on Critical Race Theory
"If you have the temerity to disagree with this conspiracy theory [of critical race theory], or demand evidence for its sweeping claims, you’re part of the problem... [and it's] time for your re-education, otherwise known as diversity training."