More Than a Vote, the collective of athletes headlined by LeBron James, has introduce its final political push before Election Day: A rapid response and advertisement operation meant to combat the spread of misinformation among younger Black voters.
. voting rights group has recruited more than 40,000 new poll workers in Black communities in partnership with . Really good news for voting rights
Exclusive: I spoke w/ about More Than A Vote's latest political push -- combating misinformation targeted to Black voters ahead of the election. How the newly crowned NBA champion has one more goal for 2020: increasing black voter participation
. asks Lebron James about his shift from promoting specific candidates in 2016 to broader issues this year. Read his interview (I'm not jealous at all).
LeBron James on Black Voter Participation, Misinformation and Trump. In an interview, the NBA star discussed More Than a Vote, an initiative he helped found to protect African Americans' voting rights, fight voter suppression and increase civic engagement