My new post: geothermal energy! I drill deep on this one: the technologies involved, the contributions that oil&gas veterans can make, the engineering challenges, and the almost unthinkably large prize if those challenges can be overcome. Exciting stuff.
This article just injected hope into my veins. The wild twist: that the oil and gas industry may unlock the solutions we need for clean energy -- the story on geothermal energy I didn't know I needed today from .
Great piece by on the tantalizing potential for more geothermal energy. Still a long list of technical hurdles to clear — and not much on the economics here —  but lots of interest in this area, particularly from oil and gas veterans
Increasingly thinking this is promising
“An engineering problem that, when solved, solves energy.” "If its more enthusiastic backers are correct, geothermal may hold the key to making 100 percent clean electricity available to everyone in the world.' -David Roberts via
The era of geothermal energy may finally be here. explains the clean power technology that could power human civilization using the molten core of the Earth
There’s enough energy in the Earth’s crust, just a few miles down, to power all of human civilization for generations to come. After many years of failure to launch, geothermal energy may finally become a major clean energy player
Everything you ever wanted to know (or nearly so) about geothermal energy and the potential of advanced technologies to unlock this clean firm resource, via
First candidate to say "there are hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs in clean geothermal energy waiting for our oil and gas workers, and I'll unlock them" wins. Must-read piece by Dave Roberts. via
The epic geothermal explainer by is well worth the wait. Geothermal is something of a clean energy unicorn: firm generation thats also carbon-free. Its been historically quite limited by geology, but new enhanced geothermal is quickly changing this
I love how 's geothermal piece illustrates the speed at which the geothermal industry can grow. The US became a natural gas powerhouse in what, a decade? Clean baseload (fusion, hydrogen) often feels so far over the horizon. This is different.
There’s enough energy in the Earth’s crust, just a few miles down, to power all of human civilization for generations to come, writes . Read this explainer of the possible pitfalls and incredible potential of geothermal.
ICYMI on geothermal - don't miss it - go back and read it. Then advocate for policy to accelerate via
The idea that geothermal could be the renewable energy base load generation we need is crazy exciting. Take some time to read this excellent piece by and see what could be the future
Inexhaustible carbon-free energy is right under our feet. To get at it, we need to shift brains & brawn from the oil & gas industry. Fantastic explainer by (who I thought only wrote gloom)
Brilliant primer from on the technology and potential of geothermal. Highly recommended 👇🏽 1/4
If you haven't done so already, you should read 's piece on the imminent breakthrough of geothermal energy. Once again, I'm not hung up on nuclear. Any clean, dispatchable, zero-carbon, small-footprint source of power should be welcomed.
This looks very promising . . .
Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout “An engineering problem that, when solved, solves energy.” Photo: Sunlight glows through the steam of a geothermal power plant in Niland, California.
Neat explainer on geothermal energy, focuses on something have been saying for a while, lots of scope to employ people currently in oil and gas: time to dust off that old community volcano power idea, maybe...
Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout via
#Geothermal, the sun beneath our feet, may, if challenges can be overcome, hold the key to making 100% #CleanEnergy available to all. And it’s an opportunity for the #oilandgas industry to put its capital & skills to work for good.
Great piece by about the promise of geothermal energy as an always-on, scalable, renewable energy source that also leverages expertise in the US oil and gas sector
Renewable energy: water, sun, wind, waves, tides, and Geothermal! Holds great promise because it can deliver anywhere on land, 24/7, with minimal adverse effects. Good discussion on how to make it cost-effective.
Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout
Geothermal energy could be an important part of a fossil fuel free future. The only renewable with constant (non intermittent) supply.
Only can make geothermal cool. That is important work. Well done. The knows a lot about geothermal energy. Join us! Geothermal energy is poised for a big breakout