A great piece on how Trump's victory radicalized a particular segment of suburban women, who have been organizing in races up and down the ballot
Americans know the bigger story by now: how hatred for Trump has spurred women to vote for Dems across the country. But these women are channeling their energy toward smaller targets too, and that activism is shaping politics in a really important way.
“It felt like the climax of a heist movie whose central characters are a band of exasperated, middle-aged women.”
This, from , is *the* piece to read about suburban women going into Election Day. They are even more influential than you may realize. (And the story is utterly charming to boot.)
THIS!! dives deep and writes the indispensable account of local political landscapes transformed by grassroots women. Must read.
People worried about the state of democracy in their country often ask what they can do about it. Here's the answer: join a party, join a campaign, work for a cause
The election, and after.
I love these profiles of local activists. As notes, groups like this are integral for helping candidates raise money and contact voters.