Increasing cases in Alaska suggest that colder weather may favor the virus. Sun Tzu’s 5 factors that determine success or failure in war: moral influence, weather, terrain, leadership, and strategy. The US is not organized for success in any of the 5. 9/
Alaska is seeing record coronavirus case numbers. At a time when Americans are growing fatigued by months of restrictions, the state's struggles provide a warning that winter could bring the most devastating phase of the pandemic.
As temperatures fall, coronavirus cases are rising, with weekly records reached in many states. Not only is the cold weather sending people indoors, there is evidence that the coronavirus is more virulent in colder weather and lower relative humidities.
In one Alaska community with a coronavirus outbreak and without running water, officials have at times struggled to deliver supplies due to weather. In another, 68 out of 800 residents have tested positive so far, and 4 have needed medevac flights.
Worried About Covid-19 in the Winter? Alaska Provides a Cautionary Tale: The state is seeing record case numbers, adding to evidence that the virus is poised to thrive as the weather grows colder. via