Clever way from Garcia lab to turn off immune receptors using Abs to promote co-recruitment of receptors that activate phosphatases. Example results in improved PD-1 blockade.
✨ New in ! Dr. Christopher Garcia and scientists present an alternative approach for attenuating cell-surface receptor signaling, termed #ReceptorInhibition by phosphatase recruitment. #antibodies
From ⁦⁩ New #anti-PD1 better than the commercially available and new method to bring receptors together....amazing stuff
I'm sure we'll soon hear about a newco debuting with this technology 👉 Bispecific antibody inhibits PD-1 signaling through enforced CD45 phosphatase recruitment
#ImmuneReceptor_Inhibition | enforced CD45 phosphatase recruitment | Crosslinking of CD45 to PD-1 potentiates T cell activation | Christopher Garcia
#ImmuneReceptor_Inhibition | enforced CD45 phosphatase recruitment | reduces PD-1 phosphorylation and potentiates T cell activation | Christopher Garcia
#ImmuneReceptor_Inhibition | through enforced phosphatase recruitment | Ligand-Independent PD-1 signalling reduces T cell activation | Christopher Garcia
On the same journal site - groups out of show a very clever way to tackle PD-1, "enforced phosphatase recruitment", with enhanced #immunotherapy activity in preclinical models