“A British former spy recruited by Erik Prince, the security contractor close to the Trump administration, played a central role in a secretive effort to hire dozens of operatives for the conservative group Project Veritas.” W/⁦
Everything they accuse us of are things we aren’t doing and things they’ve been doing for years
The new details about Project Veritas show the extent of the group’s ambitions to build an intelligence-gathering apparatus to infiltrate Democratic congressional campaigns, labor organizations, news media and other groups. w/
Prince of Disinformation.
“[Chamberlain] said that Mr. Seddon’s company, Branch 6 Consulting International, hired him in 2017 as part of a Project Veritas expansion that almost tripled the number of the group’s undercover operatives. It is not clear who was paying Mr. Seddon.”
Ex-Spy Was Central to Project Veritas Hiring Effort, Testimony Shows