So much for the laughable story about the Delaware computer repair shop.
Scoop: explicit emails & photos purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden were being shopped in Kiev last year for $5 mil, per source approached. Sellers "had a buyer in mind for it: they said they wanted to sell it to GOP allies of President Trump."
Another twist in this story from : "Exclusive: Alleged Hunter Biden emails circulated in Ukraine as Rudy Giuliani dug for dirt there last year"
Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine: Exclusive | Time
Person tells he was offered Hunter Biden photos and emails in Kyiv last year — for $5 million. Offerers wanted to sell to Trump allies. "I walked away from it, because it smelled awful."
Exclusive from : Explicit photos and emails supposedly belonging to Hunter Biden were circulating in Ukraine last year, when Rudy went searching for dirt on the Bidens
The newly revealed meeting also aligns with key aspects of new report from , in which two people claimed that emails & photos said to belong to Hunter Biden had been for sale for as much as $5 million on the Ukrainian black market in 2019
I know we all thought the Hunter Biden laptop story was likely bogus, but it turns out it was absolutely, totally 100% bogus.
This comment from a "person familiar" seems to be meant to imply Hunter didn't drop off the laptop, but it stops short of outright saying that.
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