Ok, out from behind the paywall. French government says 'non' to a prospective $7bn LNG deal between Engie and a US gas supplier. At issue: Considerations that West Texas doesn't have it methane house in order.
BIG NEWS: France just killed a massive $7 billion 20-year contract to import #LNG from Texas bc our #fracking wells leak too much climate-killing methane as the EU enacts its European Green Deal. If I were debating someone tonight I might bring that up.
The news that France is holding up gas imports from the U.S. over climate concerns is a preview of a next phase in climate geopolitics, where governments use trade policy to penalize countries that fail to limit emissions.
French government blocks U.S. LNG deal as too dirty
Stunning! As I said in my talk, 5 things will determine future of LNG: 1. Methane leakage 2. Domestic/US climate policy 3. Technology to monitor leaks 4. COVID recovery policy 5. China/EU net-zero climate policy Thanks for inviting me!
A terribly important story for the question of: whither natural gas? The provides the most trusted global gas flaring data from our satellite data analysis team. French government blocks U.S. LNG deal as too dirty via
French government blocks U.S. LNG deal as too dirty. The French government stepped in to force a delay signing a potential $7 billion deal with a U.S. liquefied natural gas company last month over concerns that its U.S. shale gas was too dirty