“It’s staggering to think about how much extraordinarily intimate information [Google] has about billions of people, literally… There is a roomful of Stasi dossiers on each one of us.”
Opening few grafs of this interview got me hooked! let him know!!!
So much in this. But always love the idea of organising as ‘connective tissue’ between people, movements & change. The challenge of #bigtech is big capitalism, not the #tech #futureofwork #AIEthics #data #equality #bias
“I’m certainly not anti-computers or anti-technology, but I think we have to recognize these as questions of power and control, and not questions of the hypothetical, benevolent uses of these technologies.”  —   in by
Describing social media algorithms as capable of hacking our "lizard brains" perpetuates a myth (told by the companies) that this tech is superhuman. But a lot of this isn't innovation, it's the product of concentration of power & resources --
. on power, control and busting the myth of tech omnipotence -- in conversation with on