Turns out seniors will not be getting $200 drug discount cards in October promised by Trump administration
Trump promised seniors drug discount cards. They may be illegal. "It's not going to happen before the election, and maybe not ever."
A proposal announced by President Trump in September was to send older Americans $200 discount cards to help with the cost of prescription drugs. It’s not going to happen before the election, and maybe not ever.
President Trump promised Medicare beneficiaries $200 drug discount cards in a speech last month. The announcement was a surprise even to some of his own top health officials.
Trump’s surprise announcement to send $200 prescription drug discount cards to seniors is a “hot potato” inside the administration. Nobody wants to carry it out because his own appointees think it’s illegal. ⁦⁩ ⁦
The $200 #Medicare cards have been touted as a way to help beneficiaries with high drug spending, but the program faces a lot of problems. has made this clear several times with , , and others.
Ill-conceived. Overtly political. Likely illegal. Clearly not a solution that lowers the price of Rx drugs. This one should be consigned to the dustbin of history.