"Dutch security researcher succeeded in logging into the Twitter account of the American President Donald Trump [who] had an extremely weak and easy to guess password ["maga2020!"] and had, according to the researcher, not applied two-step verification."
Past parody: Trump's Twitter password was "maga2020!" and he doesn't have two-step verification set up up
WHAT. A Dutch researcher managed to log into 's Twitter account by guessing his password ("maga2020"), which had no 2-step verification.
New: Dutch researcher @0xDUDE hacked Twitter account last week, using password 'maga2020!'. 2FA was not enabled, according to researcher. Experts consider his claim (and the screenshots) reliable.
Holy shit—a Dutch security researcher “ethically” hacked into Trump’s Twitter account by pure dumb luck of typing in “maga2020” as the 5th password attempt. And it worked! Trump didn’t use 2 factor authentication either. WTH. 🤦🏻‍♂️
"Almost absentmindedly, [a Dutch researcher] tried a number of passwords and their variations. On the fifth attempt: bingo! He tries ‘maga2020!’ and suddenly finds himself in the Twitter account of the American President. He is flabbergasted."
This is absolutely incredible. Trumps twitter, which could literally crash markets or start wars, was able to be logged into with 5 guesses in a row. The right guess? "maga2020!" No 2FA.
uhhhh okay which one of you troll lords was telling reporters that Hunter Biden's password was hunter2 (src )
A Dutch researcher logged into Trump's Twitter account last week by guessing his password, because it was 'maga2020!'
I'm struggling with this one. Twitter cannot be this bad. Impossible travel for Auth? Comparison of known legit IP successful auths versus failed? Mandatory 2FA for verified accounts?. Something isn't right about all of this
Not entirely sure what to make of this. Seems bizarre he wouldn’t preserve any evidence of the hack, just to prove his case to the Secret Service
A Dutch security researcher says he successfully logged into Trump's twitter account. The password was "maga2020!" He took screenshots to verify
Seriously? Trump’s Twitter password was “maga2020!” Definitely the guy you want in charge
If this hack of Trump's twitter is real, then the survival of the planet was in the hands of a Dutch password-guesser and whatever mischievous tweets he could come up with. "I have ordered immediate nuclear strikes against...." etc.
The security researcher literally guessed the password. No 2FA, etc.
Apparently, a hacker accessed Trump's Twitter account last week by guessing the "maga2020!" password correctly.
Until last week, the President of the Unites States' Twitter account password was "maga2020!" with no 2FA 🤦‍♂️ Be better than the President. Use long, random passwords generated and stored in a password manager and turn on app- or hardware-based 2FA.
Dutch Ethical Hacker Logs into Trump’s Twitter Account via interesting implications for governing by tweet. password feels like it’s straight out of Dr. Strangelove