My treatise: Donald Trump’s campaign is too dang Online.
hate the media adoption and subsequent overuse of “Extremely Online” but I totally agree with this. Trump world went from NAFTA to Nellie Ohr. all because the former required them to do something
As writes, the Trump campaign is Twitter-poisoned, obsessed not with how people see the world, but how a weird pro-Trump subculture of the internet does, which is one big reason why he's losing to the most offline candidate in recent memory
The most online people on the face of the earth.
This is such a great piece. If you want to connect with most people, or understand what they believe, or how they think, being Extremely Online is an absolute disaster. It is poison for the mind
A pretty good example of the Trump campaign being too online is making “cancel culture” a major campaign theme, and thinking it was the key to winning suburban women.