Most of the worst virus outbreaks in the U.S. right now are in rural areas. Earlier peaks saw the virus concentrated in cities and suburbs, but the current surge is hitting remote areas that often lack a hospital or other critical health care resources.
Remember when people said it was all about population density, and the rest of America had nothing to learn from New York?
The coronavirus outbreak is worse than it's ever been in rural areas:
Since late summer, new cases per capita in rural areas in the U.S. have been outpacing those in larger metropolitan areas. Almost all the counties with the largest outbreaks have populations under 50,000, and most have populations under 10,000.
The rural share of the virus burden has grown over time. Now, about one in four deaths from the virus is recorded in a rural county.
One major vulnerability in some rural areas is the distance to a hospital(s) that can provide the kind of care needed for very sick COVID patients
The worst virus outbreaks in the United States are now in rural areas via :
Rural areas are getting slammed. and . Graphs from show this clearly. Meat packing and agricultural outbreaks are part of, but only part of, the factors driving the increase. No place is immune to Covid. 8/
The worst #COVID19 outbreaks are now in #rural areas. How weird. Someone (me?) predicted this way back on March 24. #pophealth
Why The Worst Coronavirus Outbreaks Are Now in the Rural U.S. - The New York Times
A few months ago, pundits and policy makers kept saying urban density was driving up #COVID19 rates. How many obits for NYC did you read? Turns out the virus likes rural areas too, especially those where people won't distance or wear masks.
Let's compare to New York to, oh, every single state that is going to vote for this clown.
Trump just lied again. Who's getting sick? Not Blue States. Red ones. Take a look.
The Worst Virus Outbreaks in the U.S. Are Now in Rural Areas #COVIDー19
The Worst #coronavirus Outbreaks in USA Are Now in Rural Areas via Implications for IND?