Republicans still hold a modest lead in deeply conservative Kansas, according to a new Times/Siena poll. President: Trump 48, Biden 41 Senate: Marshall 46 (R), Bollier (D) 42
New NYT poll in Kansas President Trump: 48% Biden: 41% #KSSen Marshall (R): 46% Bollier (D): 42%
Remember President Trump won Kansas by more than 20 points in 2016. Now he leads Joe Biden by only 7 in a Times/Siena College poll. #KsSen
β€œ...a brutal self-examination for Republicans if Trump is the first president to lose re-election in a quarter-century.” I hope for this. I don’t expect it. What I expect: 50% rationalization 25% whining 20% stab-in-the-back 5% real self-examination
Hard not to shake the feeling that we are on track for an all-time large popular vote/vote in the 270th EV state split.