Congrats to , and the team (and the handsomest chimp of all, Lanjo) who landed the cover of this week's Science! Here's the write-up about their findings in the : No Grumpy Old Men in the World of Chimps
Chimpanzees, like humans, favor a few good friends as they age
Excited for this work with and the team on #chimpanzee #social #aging to come out! Science with friends is pretty great!
"The idea, in humans, Dr. Machanda said, is that as we get older we think, “I don’t have time for these negative people in my life,” so we concentrate on a few good friends and invest in them." et al.
What would you say: "chimpanzees which ..." or "chimpanzees who ...? To me, there is ample evidence for "chimpanzees who ...". I asked the editor to change this in their policy "how to address primates"
Old male Chimps prefer to have positive relationships with a few good friends
A great story that any guy over 30 can easily relate with.
When I tweeted that photo yesterday, I had no idea about how prescient of research that was released today it would be. ;-)
Great new work from #cayo collaborator Alex Rosati and Zarin Machanda on friendship in male chimps: No Grumpy Old Men in the World of Chimps