This was made by great people, and it’s great. #WeCount
In most decades I recall, an animated video about how it might take a while to count all the votes would seem like a charming but dull public service announcement. This's an extravaganza! A tribute to what happens in November!! ...please watch
Watch this. Trust me, it's awesome: h/t
Brilliant, catchy "We Count!" musical about how & why counting the vote may take extra time this year. (FYI, under voting laws, the vote doesn't even become official until the "canvass" starts, usually the day after Election Day). Watch & share!
#WeCount on ! 🎵 Each person gets a vote – every hero, every jerk. And we have to count 'em all, 'cause that's democracy at work! WE COUNT! Yes, #WeCount. It's gonna take some time to count. 🎵 PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO: Thanks 🙏🏾
We count! Super high production value here!