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Here it is. The ugly truth about Jared, Ivanka and Donald Trump. #Trump’s Vaccine Rush vs. the FDA: Inside Stephen Hahn’s “Existential Crisis” via
For months Trump has routinely undermined the advice of doctors and researchers when it comes to fighting COVID-19. examines Operation Warp Speed, the political fight for a vaccine, and the turmoil inside the FDA #debates2020
Fortunately, Trump's October vaccine surprise was thwarted. by Thanks to and for standing up to power and sticking up for science. And its mission of protecting, promoting the health of Americans.
This 👇 is a must read for you. Maybe it will inspire you to act in the interest of science 🙄; one can only hope
“as the president and his surrogates have pressed for speed, the FDA’s career scientists have battled back, using abstruse FDA guidances to pharmaceutical companies and acronym-laden advisory committees to build a bulwark against political interference”
Two stories wrote about the pandemic One is at Times Square on display The other is on the FDA getting a spine
Trump’s Vaccine Rush vs. : Inside ’s “Existential Crisis” via &