On Nov. 4, we may well have seen “the most vociferous rejection of a sitting president in decades—and possibly in any of our lifetimes. The Democratic party will have a chance to rebuild America. And the Republican party will have defeat with dishonor.”
When America wakes up on November 4, Joe Biden will have earned more votes than any man who’s ever run for president.
This is a bold prediction in an era when everyone wants to hedge their bets. But JVL has been making bold predictions for the past year+, and he’s been right every time.
> ⁦⁩ calls it. Trump is going to lose, and he’s going to lose big.
I know, I know. You're superstitious and don't want anyone to say it out loud. But JVL did. Trump Is Toast via
"One reason turnout matters is that the higher it goes, the less important the samples are—and thus the more reliable the polls are." Uhm, no. Not when polls depend on voluntary response and adjust for est'd turnout. Trump Is Toast via