At the core of China's rise & reach in recent years is one man who has taken more power than any leader since Mao Zedong. Yet he is not Mao 2.0. Read our profile of Xi Jinping, the places and people who shaped him, and what he believes he is doing
An excellent profile of Xi Jinping by the . At a time when many foreign correspondents have been expelled, Su pulls no punches.
"To appreciate Xi’s grip on the [world], one need only look at the coronavirus — China [pretended to] stumble early with the Wuhan outbreak, but quickly recovered through strict lockdowns [fraud], contact tracing [fraud] and [more fraud]." Fixed that ¶.
Dreams of a Red Emperor: The relentless rise of Xi Jinping
has an excellent news article length biop of Xi Jinping, with a very “Yellow Earth Complex” focus (though she doesn’t use that term) recommended