Around the country, people saved like they were supposed to. Then the pandemic took it all. Some have $0 in the bank now. I spoke to people whose emergency funds have been depleted over the last six months, with no relief in sight. via
"We have no savings. I still have no job." As the pandemic drags on, families' savings are wiped out as they're pushed to the brink with no relief in sight.
There’s a belief that people can achieve financial security if they just work hard enough, that being poor is a kind of moral failing. But the crisis has underlined that this is a myth.
In a Buzzfeed story about a man who is unemployed, and has $0 to help his family, includes him acknowledging his privilege. This is like the left-wing version of the right-wing person who internalizes that they're poor because they didn't work hard enough
"Acknowledging his privileges, he said he still can’t make ends meet"
Even working families who did everything right to prepare for the worst couldn’t prepare for a crisis like COVID-19. The federal government must step up now to invest in our communities and prevent an avalanche of evictions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.
They Had Saved Like They Were Supposed To. The Pandemic Took It All. via