"The first thing that comes to mind for people every single day is not your ethnicity, it’s the fact that you’re a husband or a wife, a father or a mother, an employee, a volunteer or a coach—somebody who has a role to play.” 💯 👊
The author of this piece absolutely nails the shifting dynamics within the right, the appropriate players, and lays out three very interesting and plausible scenarios for the future Well worth your time
Arguably too confident in the assumption that the Trump era will end in a few weeks, but a pretty good piece on the future of the GOP
“What we’re talking about is actual conservatism,” [Cass] told me. “What we have called ‘conservatism’ just outsourced economic policy thinking away from conservatives to a small niche group of libertarians.”
‘#Rubio said that the next step was to build the intellectual base for this kind of work: “This is not a four-year project. This is a generational goal. And it could lead to a new political coalition.”
This is a good survey of the likely post-Trump landscape
“Could Republicans become the working-class party, and Dems the party of the prosperous? That would bode well for Republicans because, especially in a time of rising inequality, there aren’t enough prosperous people to make up a reliable voting majority.”
Read the latest piece by about the future of the Republican Party, and the role demographics could play according to THE GREAT DEMOGRAPHIC ILLUSION author .
“The first flight of ads that Bush ran as a Presidential candidate, in Iowa in 2000, included radio spots in Spanish...”
Lemann: It’s tempting to think that when Trump is gone everything he stands for will go with him. It probably won’t; elements of Trumpism will likely be with us for a long time. v ⁦
The Republican Identity Crisis After Trump | The New Yorker
“He doesn’t know Friedrich Hayek from Salma Hayek. He sold out—to us!”
"It can be a little surreal talking to Reversalists—are you at a seminar at the high-theory, market-skeptical Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, in Vienna, or with a group of Republican Party strategists?" Why not both?