1/During the debate you heard that asylum seekers are living in a refugee camp on America's doorstep for the 1st time in history. Some have been there more than 1yr with no formal school for kids. Safety & sanitation are deteriorating. Photos by
“This is the first president in the history of the United States of America that anybody seeking asylum has to do it in another country. They’re sitting in squalor on the other side of the river.” , reporting on what Biden was talking about.
I weep for my country.
Trump shut down our “extreme vetting” refugee system. It’s inhuman: “A squalid tent camp on the border is the result of Trump’s unprecedented limits on asylum. Some people have waited in filthy conditions for more than a year to obtain refuge in the US.”
With unprecedented limits on asylum in the U.S., hundreds of asylum seekers are left stranded in a squalid tent camp at the border. Most kids in the camp haven't been to school since they left home. Tough, but important story from .