A Leaked Internal Report Reveals The Wall Street Journal Is Struggling With Aging Readers And Covering Race — a lil scoop this afternoon with and
NEW: An internal Wall Street Journal report obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals how the newspaper is struggling to shift to digital-first coverage and reach a younger audience
This story on an internal WSJ review of their own digital & other struggles has so many echoes with the Times' 2014 "Innovation Report," including the report leaking first to BuzzFeed.
The takeaways of this leaked internal report about the Wall Street Journal's failings are...drastic. "The key recommendations include major changes on what the paper covers, how it covers topics, and a rethinking of how it ignores some audiences"
“The report … argues that many of the Wall Street Journal’s editors do not understand the internet and its readers — focusing its content instead on its long-term older male subscribers, rather than on a growing younger audience key to its survival.”
The NYT version of this was during big internal civil war and reckoning over what they wanted to be. And pretty stunning in retrospect to see how different it looks now Will be interesting to see how this one plays out