"Almost the last six months of my life was just some kind of haze that I don't remember very well. You just became all about Covid and nothing else. And I think that got us through the first wave, but obviously it isn't a sustainable mechanism to carry on"
Depleted. Exhausted. Apprehensive. More than 600 NHS and social care workers died in the first wave of #COVID19. This piece paints a graphic picture of a NHS workforce that is ill-placed to cope with the coming months.
Have a read of this new exclusive on our research findings on the impact of #COVID on the healthcare workforce! Big thank you to
Covid: The NHS workers 'still recovering' as second wave looms
Good article on the impact of #COVID on the healthcare workforce, including some research done by our amazing . Can we give Jo her hard earned 'Dr' title though rather than 'Ms'?
Worth a read ⬇️ NHS staff fatigue now a huge issue. Maintaining non-COVID services is clearly critical but ➡️ no help for teams who naturally care for acute #COVID19 (respiratory, acute medicine, ID, ICU). Tired teams need help. Difficult choices ahead.
Frontline Covid survey of health care workers finds nearly 60% met criteria for anxiety, depression, PTSD. Staff noted a system of support for their welfare and mental health which is patchy - fantastic in some places, not so in others. #Covid19UK
great reporting, as ever, from - but let's not forget care workers outside the NHS as well
The (brilliant) #NHS workers 'still recovering' as winter COVID phase looms
"We're not sure how, in terms of resilience, we are going to be able to get through this." Across the NHS you can hear similar concerns - a determination to step up to the plate again, but also the knowledge that adrenalin only gets you so far.
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