Republicans concede casting Biden as senile hurt then with seniors, with some blaming Parscale. But Parscale allies say it was trumps idea and the re-elect was just following his lead
“I haven’t worked for Donald Trump since 2015, but I guess nothing changes,” tells . “It can never, ever be Trump’s fault,” says . “That’s the rule.”
“‘It can never, ever be Trump’s fault,’ [Michael] Cohen said. ‘That’s the rule.’” Via ⁦
Paranoia and finger-pointing in Trumpworld as election approaches - POLITICO
“Finger-pointing is a common feature of campaigns that think they’re losing, but it's happening at an uncommon level in this campaign. Shifting responsibility has been a staple of the Trump presidency — and his lieutenants are now following suit.”
I’ll believe that Trump is growing into the presidency when his staff stops talking about him like a toddler. [This is the 1976th tweet in the #ToddlerinChief thread.]
Blame falls on Parscale ... Stepien ... Meadows ... everywhere except the candidate and his message.
I’ll believe that Jared Kushner is growing into his role as a White House staffer when he stops approving disastrous campaign decisions.