Digital divide will deepen inequalities, and the govt is reneging on its (already inadequate) promise to help. Tory values = no food? no laptop? Hard luck. Try getting richer parents next time. Zero solidarity, zero support, zero compassion
Heads are now breaking the law if they don’t provide remote learning. And yet the govt has just slashed their laptop allocation for poorer pupils by 80%.
It is confirmed. An 80% cut in laptop provision to schools So deprrived students (who are more likely to be in areas of high infection and so more likely to have to isolate) won't be able to study at home. Levelling up? More like battering down.
Tory Government makes a law *requiring" schools to provide remote learning for all kids that can't attend... then 2 days later *cuts laptops provided by 80%*. I said *months ago* lessons *should be on TV*, accessible any time. #JoinedUpThinking #ToryCuts
Only this incompetent government could introduce a legal duty on schools to provide online learning for pupils isolating at home and then cut their allocation of laptops the very next day.
If kids don't need food, they surely don't need laptops.