UPDATE: The total of aides around Pence in the coronavirus outbreak is up to FIVE people. Short, Obst and 3 additional VP office staff, per ppl briefed
Our first story on the outbreak in the VP's office, which has impacted at least 3 people >
puts Pence team's new covid positives at five, and notes: "Two people briefed on the matter said that the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, had sought to keep news of the outbreak from becoming public."
#BREAKING: Mike Pence, the โ€œheadโ€ of the White House coronavirus task force could not keep the President or his OWN staff safe from getting #COVID19. If they canโ€™t protect themselves how can they protect us? #TrumpFail #VoteThemOut
BREAKINGโ€”Outbreak in VP Penceโ€™s office now grows to at least *5* people diagnosed with #COVID19 this week. Pence chief of staff Mark Short, Marty Obst, and 3 other additional staffers, reports NYT.
Good morning. Five โ€” 5! โ€” staffers of head of the COVID task force now have COVID, just weeks after a White House outbreak. The admin. tried to keep this from you as Trump and Pence violate task force guidelines with maskless rallies all over the US.
โ€œSeveral members of VP Penceโ€™s inner circle have tested positive for the coronavirus in the past few days, raising new questions about WH safety protocols. โ€œWH chief of staff Mark Meadows had sought to keep news of the outbreak from becoming public.โ€
Members of Penceโ€™s Inner Circle Test Positive for Coronavirus
The is in charge of the White House #Coronavirus Task Force. He is personally leading the American policy campaign to reduce the spread of #Covid19. His failure is shameful. Worst of all: He and Trump call it a success.
Five aides to VP Pence test positive for SARS-CoV-2: Short, Obst and 3 additional VP office staff. Unclear If this is part of initial White House super-spreader event or a distinct outbreak. Contact tracing has not been conducted or made public. 64/
Pence's Chief of Staff, 3 other staff members & Pence advisor have all tested positive for COVID. Maybe it's time for the head of the coronavirus task force to follow and enforce the recommendations of his own task force. We're rounding the corner๐Ÿ˜–.