My latest story unravels a toxic mystery bubbling in the deep ocean – one that frustrated generations of scientists and has now come back to haunt us: Decades ago, the Los Angeles coast was a dumping ground for DDT waste. No one could see it – until now.
Decades ago, the Los Angeles coast was a hidden dumping ground for thousands of barrels of acid sludge laced with the toxic pesticide DDT. The ocean buried the evidence for generations. No one could see it — until now.
Remember DDT, the toxic chemical Rachel Carson warned us all about in Silent Spring in 1962? The nation’s largest DDT maker was here in LA. One way the factory got rid of its waste was by dumping thousands of barrels each month into the ocean near Catalina
This story is so outrageous it's hard to believe. “We found actual photos of the workers at 2 in the morning dumping ... but before they would dump the barrels, they would take a big ax or hatchet to them, and cut them open on purpose so they would sink.”
“Holy crap. This is real.” L.A.'s coast was once a #DDT dumping ground No one could see it — until now
Incredible must-read piece here from and the LA Times: up to half a million barrels of acid laced with DDT are sitting on the ocean floor off Los Angeles. Yes, HALF A MILLION. Do the EPA or Calif. have a plan? Of course not.
“As many as half a million barrels of DDT could still be underwater right now off the coast of Los Angeles.”
Wow. This is a must-read investigation by ⁦
Dilution is the solution to pollution, the saying used to go, but at what cost? As we increasingly look to the ocean to solve our problems, what are the forgotten lessons that we must relearn – and resolve – in order to forge a better future?
Truly astounding & epic enviro horror reporting/writing by . Rachel Carson. Jane Fonda. Bottom-feeding fish with tumors. Even lower chemical execs. Will make your blood boil like the barrels of DDT punctured ON PURPOSE so they would sink.
Thank you for checking out today’s story! I’m so in awe of our brilliant and ever patient designers and Alex Tatusian, who pull you deep into this story with their incredible web build and illos. Sean even made the section breaks into DDT 🤯
How the waters off California's coast became a DDT dumping ground.
How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground - Los Angeles Times
A case study in why we need the economy to be well regulated. Otherwise companies do stuff like this
Humans treat their oceans poorly. My thesis is because no one owns them. No one cares to take care of them. It's time to start. We invest in #OceanTech: Shipin