🚨 🚨 McConnell just placed a giant ad buy in Georgia. And I can tell you why - internal polls show Sen. Perdue in BIG trouble. So today, a HUGE goal: raise $500K for Jon Ossoff. He’s short on $$ for his turnout effort. Folks, if we win GA, it’s OVER.
We are at 360k from just over 10 thousand donors. We have 140 k more to hit our goal. LFG!
Hey we’re at $500,000 to flip the Georgia Senate seat. Amazing. We need to do another $100K. But and I are the 2 Senators covering the Senate floor overnight to keep the Coney Barrett fight going. Can you guys handle this? $100K more.
There's so much happening in this election cycle that lots of people haven't heard of Jon yet. But you will. Here's a thread on why your donation to his Senate campaign is one of the most consequential ways you can support democracy right now.