“They can’t be poisoned every time, but I am happier when they are,” Agatha Christie once reportedly said. ❤️💀
O NYT deu um excelente guia de como e por onde começar a ler Agatha Christie. Em breve faremos um programa sobre a criadora do Poirot, que se diz melhor que a polícia :)
100% me: "All these years later, I’m still a Christie fan. They’re comfort books; I’ve read them all." This article and picture make me so, so happy
Love this! And so, instead of reading the news last night, I went back to my childhood and read a bunch of #AgathaChristie #Poirot short stories. Perfect escape, more of which will be needed in coming weeks.
I forgive ⁦⁩ for bringing up Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence characters yet somehow omitting any mention of their glorious adventure in THE SECRET ADVERSARY. Please don’t let it happen again...