Matt Kaufman, who worked for Focus on the Family for more than 20 years, explains why it’s time to dump Trump.
“So yes, I’m a conservative Christian...Yes, I strongly support pro-life, pro-religious liberty causes. Yes, the Trump administration has done some things to help those causes...But no, I don’t support Donald Trump. The price is far, far too high.”
“How many people will believe we’re not motivated by hate and fear if we tie ourselves to someone who traffics in both—someone who invites the worst elements of society to come out and play?...What kind of Christian witness is that to the world?”
Powerful piece at by Matt Kaufman, a former longtime Focus on the Family staffer, on why conservative Christians should abandon Trumpism for the sake of their country — and their faith.
"I spent years working for a conservative Christian organization. But I believe that supporting Trump damages the country—and Christianity, too." via
“This is not to minimize my differences with Democrats. Those are serious and often deep. It’s a measure of Trump’s all-around awfulness that it overrides those differences for me, and does so overwhelmingly.”
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