Excellent read about what happens when the lobbyists take over
We've been working for quite some time on this story on the breadth of Trump handing over public lands to oil&gas drillers. Please read about 3 of the precious places now less protected. W/ and data
Revealed: the full extent of Trump's 'meat cleaver' assault on US wilderness #DonaldTrump #GOP #Republicans #EUGreenDeal #ClimateActionNow #ClimateAction #ClimateChangeIsReal #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #GretaThunberg
National parks, monuments and wildlife refugees must be kept in trust for future generations, not destroyed for short term economic or political benefits.
Trump has sold over 5.4m acres of land, roughly the size of New Jersey to oil and gas companies — the output from each of these contracts would heat our earth equivalent to over 1000 coal plants burning for an entire year.
Trump's aggressive pro-pollution, pro-climate-change moves get more attention, but don't overlook his relentless assault on US wilderness.