In the middle of a pandemic, this administration is trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court. Here’s how Joe and I fought to expand health care, protect millions of Americans with preexisting conditions, and actually get it done
Obama really doing his best to re-cast his flip-flop on the individual mandate, blaming it on Axelrod and Plouffe. He repeatedly attacked Hillary on it in the 08 primary If it was too toxic to campaign on, it was predictable it'd be toxic while governing
And that’s the ⁦⁩ with the excerpt of Barack Obama’s memoir
The has an exclusive first excerpt from ’s upcoming memoir
‘The quest for some form of universal health care in the United States dates back to 1912’ >> Barack Obama Looks Back on His Toughest Fight in ↘️
New Yorker published an excerpt of Obama's new book. The excerpt explores the battle over the Affordable Care Act. "It was a big hurdle to clear, a case of politics as the art of the possible."
The New Yorker emailed subscribers that today they published an excerpt from former President Obama's upcoming memoir (11/17/20). Excerpt about Affordable Care Act & what it took to get it passed in '09. The 1st Christmas Eve vote in the Senate since 1895.
Biggest takeaway from this memoir excerpt about #Obamacare: Obama thinks the Democratic base “had no idea what the hell the ‘public option’ was...” #Ouch 😳😳😳
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Interesting fact from Obama’s memoir in : employer-tied health insurance emerged during FDR’s nationwide WWII wage freeze. Companies used health insurance and benefits as a way to supplement compensation.
Today's must-read: Barack Obama Looks Back on His Toughest Fight via
Just pre-ordered Pres. Obama's book "A Promised Land". The has an excerpt from the book about the Affordable Care Act's origins and whatnot.
Dignity, honor, purpose, vision, taking risks for social gain. Let us get back to these elements. Barack Obama Looks Back on His Toughest Fight via