Really interesting look at the socioeconomic distribution of Presidential fundraising--almost more curious to see Trump proportions compared to previous GOP noms.
"One Upper West Side ZIP code — 10024 — accounted for more than $8 million for Mr. Biden, and New York City in total delivered $85.6 million for him — more than he raised in every state other than California."
The data reveals, for the first time, when Joe Biden decisively overtook President Trump in the money race: the day Sen. Kamala Harris joined the ticket. It also shows how Biden collected more money than Trump on all but two days in the last two months.
NEW: A first-of-its kind ZIP code level analysis of donations reveals two different Americas — demographically and geographically — financing 2020. Zoom in to every ZIP code! But also step back to see the Trump-fueled political realignment. A thread…
It's hard to overstate the extent and import of the shift of upper-income coastal America toward the Democrats. Not long ago, the NYC burbs, Northern Virginia, etc were full of major Republican donors. No longer. An amazing map
The vast majority of the Trump campaign's donations come from median household incomes less than $100,000
New data reveals when Joe Biden overtook President Trump in the 2020 money race — and which parts of the U.S. fueled his surge. Explore the full data by ZIP code to see who’s leading the money race where you live.
Among other things, what this excellent NYT data survey shows is that the social & cultural circles where national journalists live are almost exclusively pro-Biden, with almost no Trump support. You'd have be so gullible to believe that has no effect
Our analysis of the $1.8 billion donated by 7.6 million people since April shows how Joe Biden has outraised President Trump — and how they are, in many ways, financing their campaigns from two different Americas.
Trump has raised the majority of his money from zip codes with median incomes of 100k or less h/t for correcting my initial misreading of the chart
The most lopsided state in Biden’s favor is Massachusetts, while Trump’s greatest edge came from Texas. The most closely divided state also happens to be one of the most heavily contested battlegrounds: North Carolina. Read our full analysis for more.
Also: “In ZIP codes with a median household income of at least $100,000, Mr. Biden smashed Mr. Trump in fund-raising, $486 million to only $167 million — accounting for almost his entire financial edge.”
This analysis looked at 25 million donations from 4/1- 10/14, made possible this year for the first time ever by prez candidates using WinRed/ActBlue. magically merges and de-dupes all the data from campaigns and their joint committees
Last week we got the final comprehensive campaign donor data release before the election, detailing almost every donor to the presidential candidates. w/
On the Upper West Side, Soho, and Chelsea, 1 in 5 expected 2020 voters have donated to Biden. 10024 (UWS) - 6578 donors / 32753 voters (20.1%) 10011 (Chelsea) - 5573 donors / 26046 voters (21.4%) 10012 (Soho) - 1961 donors / 9959 voters (19.7%)
"For years affluent and college-educated voters were the base of the Republican Party.. But in ZIP codes with a median income of at least $100,000, Biden smashed Trump.. It was similar in the most educated pockets of the country, but even more pronounced."
We need more stories about educated coastal elites voting against their economic interests.
When you work in and around #highered every day, I think many forget this fact -- a stark reminder in the middle of this fascinating piece about who is giving to the presidential candidates.
Good data for election bettors
In the US, money raised is fueling election outcomes. Billions are spent on this 2020 election. Biden raised much more than Trump esp. in richer & more educated zip codes.