Even as rich countries mandate cleaner cars at home, they are paying far less attention to the older, dirtier cars they export overseas — which, the UN warns, is creating a major pollution problem
When cars in the U.S. or Europe get very old, they're often shipped abroad to other countries. In theory, this trade can be beneficial. But a new UN report warns that major health and environmental problems are lurking
A new UN report warns that the largely unregulated global trade in older used cars could pose major health and climate change hazards in the years ahead: 
"In the Netherlands, investigators recently determined, some exported cars have had their pollution controls removed and harvested for the valuable metals they contain, before being shipped abroad."
Yep. This. NOTE: The ~ 500K VW #Dieselgate cars were specifically required to be brought up to legal U.S. standards before they could be sold OR exported. Because most assumed they'd be sent to African markets unmodified, and the courts knew that.
Millions of used cars exported from Europe, the US and Japan to Africa and Asia pollute and are unsafe, says report. Regulating used car markets would have multiple benefits for air quality, climate change and health worldwide.
First, governments subsidize cars (including those with diesel engines , right?), and then the pollution from the older cars is displaced to Africa