My piece on minority rule, our new 6-3 court, how it took people so long to wake up, and how, no matter what happens next week—truly, whatever happens—no one with a stake in this democracy should ever plan on sleeping again
The display copy on this piece is quite a bit more cheerful than the actual piece. But I wrote about protest and activism over the past four years
If you, like me, can’t sleep, I’d urge you to read this arresting piece by on the possibility of never returning to accept the world we know:
🔥Here to burn it all down with 🔥 "Abusive power structures are built to impede reform and reimagination, in part by ensuring that those who might want to bring them down are also implicated within them."
Wow is this piece fantastic on the promise and contradictions of mass protest under Trump, and on the uncertainties about the future regardless of what happens 8 days from now
"Aspects of this process keep getting referred to as a 'reckoning' because it’s a lot easier to say reckoning than it is to say 'having your biases laid out on a table and correctly picked over because it’s time we addressed this shit head-on.'