Profile of an exodus: Eight scientists look back on the last four years, and why they -- and so many others -- left the Trump administration. #science “It was like you’re telling me that the sky is green, you know, or the earth is flat."
During the first two years of Trump's presidency, 1,600 government scientists left their posts — many of them long-tenured and with high-responsibility roles. Some have cited efforts to undermine or suppress their work as a reason for their departure.
As election day nears, taking stock of expertise exodus via : I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this important piece with Zoom portraits of scientists who have felt pushed out of federal government over the past few years.
Glad to share the project & I have worked on together these last months! For we spoke w/federal scientists who’ve been pushed out/fired/sidelined. Their stories, all together, are a powerful & disturbing look into our gov’t. #science
Important reminder that one of the biggest costs of the Trump administration will be the loss of expertise.
Sci journo and I wanted to convey the scale of federal scientific expertise lost under the Trump admin. Assisted by editor Michael Schulston, photographer and fact-checker , I am proud to share the result.
This is a great set of profiles of the vast expertise the federal government has lost. Heartbreaking that the nation's top scientists are being forced out of government service at a time when we arguably need them more than ever.
This is seriously depressing
As Election Day Nears, Taking Stock of an Expertise Exodus via
As Election Day Nears, Taking Stock of an Expertise Exodus via