This is...uhh...less than ideal. MI election officials are relaying concerns that local sheriffs have made clear they won’t enforce voter intimidation laws November 3. The message to them: if local sheriffs don’t comply, call the Michigan State Police.
My final pre-election interview w/ ELISSA SLOTKIN got so dark, so interesting, so provocative... I scrapped the story and went to Q&A format. Her gravest fears: voter protection, a cowardly Cabinet, and legal leverage Trump has in protesting the results.
Rep. Elissa Slotkin warns of "significantly worse" hostility toward politicians as she reports that her campaign HQ had received a voice mail that included "sexually explicit and violent language, including a threat to 'shoot my way to victory.'"
The responses got when she asked what Milley, Esper, Chad Wolf and Ratcliffe would “be willing to do and not do” if Trump refused to accept a loss:
Elissa Slotkin Wants to Know Who’ll Stand Up to Trump If He Loses via
That my representative. We are proud of you ⁦