OK, before the rumor mill spins out of control, I think I should just come clean. I’m the one who wrote that parody article about Israel being responsible for repression in the Arab world and submitted it under Peter Beinart’s name. 1/8
Don't forget that Egypt and Jordan are more authoritarian today than when they signed their peace treaties with Israel, acc to data from Freedom House. (Egypt 1979 5/7 PF, today 6/7 NF; Jordan 1994 4/7 PF, today 5/7 PF)
How Netanyahu and Trump's push for diplomatic normalization is encouraging repression in the Arab world
Peace breaks out between Israel and several Arab countries; hardest hit.
For years, Israel's supporters have bemoaned authoritarianism in the Arab world. But it is precisely that authoritarianism upon which Israel's diplomatic normalization campaign relies--and intensifies
Israel’s Repressive Diplomacy - another vital piece by ⁦