The Biggest Con of All: How Trump Took #MAGA Voters to the Cleaners While Making the Rich Richer and Monetizing the Presidency to Benefit the #TrumpCrimeFamily via
Trump is such vortex of distraction and grift that he often doesn't get evaluated like a normal president. For Rolling Stone, I wrote about how 4 years of Trump's bubble-up economics have buoyed billionaires -- and kicked the "forgotten man" in the teeth
"What Trump ultimately delivered is what all Republican presidents have delivered since Ronald Reagan: bubbly new wealth for the already rich, while putting the middle-class through the wringer." By the great Tim Dickinson, @7im
If wages had kept pace with the economy, the bottom 90% would be $47 trillion richer, taking home an extra $2.5 trillion in 2018 alone. What happened to the bottom’s share of America’s expanding economic pie? “The top ate it” - #inequality
Great @7im on how Trump’s economic policies destroyed the middle class